27-05-2021 – Audit Committee

This video is a recording of the Audit Committee meeting held on Thursday 27th May, and the full agenda can be found at the Stirling Council website: http://minutes.stirling.gov.uk/htmfiles/agendaindex.htm.

1. Apologies And Substitutions.
2. Declarations Of Interest.
3. Urgent Business Brought Forward By The Convenor.
4. Minutes Of Meeting – 28th January 2021.
5. Rolling Action Log.
6. Risk Management – Strategic Risk Register.
7. Internal Audit Update Report.
8. Internal Audit Annual Assurance Report 2020/21.
9. Internal Audit Plan 2021/22.
10. Corporate Fraud Plan 2021/22.
11. Accounts Commission Reports.
12. Stirling Council Draft Accounts 2020/21.
13. Common Good Funds And Charitable Trusts Draft Accounts 2020/21.

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