Aim High with Emmanuel Balogun – Enterprise

Through AIM HIGH, we are working with successful black professionals to create video presentations to inspire our pupils in Lambeth and encourage them to pursue a successful career in their chosen profession. This presentation has been recorded by Emmanuel Balogun, founder of Find Your Feet Career Enterprises and a Lambeth native, who gives us a tour of his workplace and talks about the importance of creating opportunities, which were key to his success and led him to become part of the world-renowned Easy group and even meet royalty.

AIM HIGH focuses on giving pupils of all ages the chance to hear from inspirational, highly-successful black individuals working across a range of professions. Speakers will include representatives from Law, Medicine, Education, Technology, Politics, Finance, Fashion and Media. AIM HIGH is an integral strand of Lambeth School Partnership’s Raising The Game initiative. Annual AIM HIGH events for primary and secondary pupils have been running successfully since 2018.

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