Get vaccinated, protect yourself and others | In Bengali

Message from Mr Mahtab Miah, Chairman of Newcastle Bangladeshi Association
Covid is a global pandemic, which is very easily transmittable between humans.
This disease has effected our life and livelihood,
especially, Bangladeshi Community and BAME Communities. Everyday we get know that our friends, family members, and people from our local community are getting infected and sadly some of them are dying.
Good news is, there are vaccines available now and the vaccination process is fully on going. I hope in near future we can get back to normal life.
Unfortunately, there are some misunderstanding and misleading information circulating on social media. But I can guarantee that me and my wife have had vaccine and I can assure you all that we didn’t had any side effects!
So don’t listen to rumours but listen to the health experts, scientists and doctors.
Listen to their instructions. Get vaccinated, protect yourself and protect others. Remember we haven’t overcome the virus yet and remember not to go out unless it is urgent.
Make sure to wash hands, wear a mask, and keep 2m distance.
May Allah SWT keeps us healthy and safe.
Thank you.

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