H&M Do Road Safety: The Women’s Tour

The world’s top female cyclists will return to Suffolk in 2021, as the county hosts the final stage of the Women’s Tour (between Haverhill and Felixstowe on Saturday 9 October). It will be the first time that Suffolk, which aims to be England’s most active county, has hosted the final stage of race since 2014.
Holly and Martin are joined by Route Director Andy Hawes and Sports Health and Inclusion Development Manager for Suffolk Colin Grogan.

00:26 – How did you come into the world of cycling?
01:44 – What is The Women’s Tour and why is it important?
03:20 – Is there a stage in the race that goes through Suffolk?
04:35 – How can people get involved in the event? Is it only for experienced cyclists?
05:57 – How long is the race in distance and timescale?
06:47 – Where can you find more information about The Women’s Tour?
08:06 – Do you have any advice for keen young cyclists who may want to take part in such events in the future?