Increasing renewable energy generation in B&NES

Join our expert panel discussing renewable energy generation in Bath and North East Somerset and further afield. Increasing the amount of clean, green energy energy that is generated locally, is going to be essential if the area is going to meet its zero carbon, nature positive 2030 targets. The Council has a track record of supporting and enabling Community Energy. It wants as much as possible of new renewable energy generation to be delivered through this model.

The Panellists discuss the following: 1)how much renewable energy generating potential there is in B&NES, 2) what technologies are suitable in this area, solar and wind? 3) how do we increase the amount of energy being generated locally, in time to meet the Net Zero 2030 target? 4) what the community benefits are so that profits and benefits are retained locally? 5) what role can individuals play?

Chaired by Cllr Alastair Singleton

Our panel of experts are:
• John Malone from Energy4All – delivering community-owned wind projects across the country.
• Peter Capener, Bath and West Community Energy – manages lots of renewable energy schemes on behalf of local shareholders. Large and small schemes in B&NES and surrounding area.
• Don Weston, Chelwood Community Energy – explaining what local renewable energy means to a small community. Chelwood Community Energy has been generating clean energy for 6 years.
• George Blanchard, B&NES Council Planning Policy Team – on hand to talk about the Planning process for renewable energy schemes and can answer questions about the Local Plan Partial Update consultation that is currently open and inviting responses. http://

This discussion is part of the Climate & Biodiversity Festival