Lambeth’s Climate Assembly – Hannah Jameson

On 3rd June 2021, Hannah Jameson, Assistant Director of Sustainable Growth and Climate Change Response addressed Lambeth’s Climate Assembly. She discussed the major sources of emissions in Lambeth: our homes, transport and industry. She also outlined the Council’s emissions and what we are currently doing to get to net zero.

The Assembly is running from 25 May to 3 July, when a group of fifty randomly selected Lambeth residents will take part in online workshops and discussions with climate experts, campaigners and local organisations. The chosen citizens will represent all residents in the borough and play a vital role in devising Lambeth’s future plans to reduce carbon emissions.

The Citizens’ Assembly will take place in three phases:
1. Learn
2. Discover
3. Recommend

During the learning stage, participants heard from expert speakers on the Climate Crisis. Dr Neil Jennings spoke during this stage.

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