Mental Health – Mental Health Information in Leeds

This training film is suitable for anyone whose role, whether paid or unpaid, involves supporting people in Leeds with their mental health and wellbeing.

This film is a recording of a live webinar that was delivered on 7th October 2020. You will take a tour of MindWell to help you understand the information it offers you including:

● Up-to-date information about local services including referral links.
● Resources to help someone understand and manage common mental health problems like anxiety and depression.
● A library of self-help and self-care resources, videos and animations.

You will also find out about the wealth of local and national resources which can be accessed by becoming a member of Leeds Public Health Resource Centre – These include leaflets and posters covering a wide range of mental health topics, the Leeds Crisis Card, and a range of loanable resources.

This webinar is one of the Leeds Public Health Training team’s Want To Know More About sessions, which cover a range of health and wellbeing topics. To view information about upcoming Want To Know More About sessions, please visit

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