Our River

Our River is a new public art concept for Luton which will commemorate those lost to the COVID-19 pandemic and celebrate the key workers that supported us and the moments of joy that got us through it.

A giant mosaic featuring 1000 images of Luton residents will be erected in the centre of town. Located on the Mall wall facing the new Open Lea pocket park, Our River will provide a place for reflection, remembrance and hope and brighten the lives of everyone in our town. The artwork will also exist digitally, enabling loved ones across the world to participate and providing a home for our memories and messages of remembrance.

Anyone who has been affected by the pandemic is invited to co-create the mosaic with us. Share your story and immortalise your loved ones by adding their image to the artwork. We welcome photographs of people that have lost their lives during the pandemic, of the families they have left behind, of our key workers and of the joyous moments that defined 2020 – such as the uplifting drawings of rainbows that we placed in our windows. We are looking to engage deeply with the communities of Luton to honour residents’ memories and capture the joy that those lost brought to our lives.

To see all the beautiful images and stories that we have received so far, visit https://ourriver.uk/gallery/

If you’d like to tell us about your loved ones, please visit http://ourriver.uk to share your memories.

#OurRiver is funded by the Welcome Back Fund.