Roadmap to Return | Adur & Worthing Councils

We’re on the Roadmap to Return and, with a following wind, life can get back to normal.

Next week we’re all taking a big step forward, as many businesses across Adur and Worthing gear up to open their doors from Monday.

From hairdressers to restaurants and pubs serving tasty food and beverage outdoors, there are many things to get excited about on our Roadmap to Return from the Coronavirus pandemic.

Reminding you of just some of what our excited local traders have to offer are Splashpoint Leisure Centre, The Pad Clothing, South Downs Leisure, Mako Hair Design and The Ardington Hotel, who in the video below share the measures taken to ensure visitors are safe and comfortable upon their return.

For more information and full details of our Roadmap to Return campaign, advice and latest news see:

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