Sefton’s Lost Voices – Kenneth

Sefton’s lost voices is a project that gives people the chance to record their oral histories. Many people have led exceptional lives and have amazing stories to tell. Do not let their experiences be lost to history.

Volunteers work with Sefton Library Service to run recording sessions. The sessions can take place in the comfort of a person’s home or at a local community venue. Once the audio is recorded, they will get a copy of their oral history, which they can share with family and friends. As their memories fade, the recordings can be re-played by family members to re-visit their recollections or to simply reminisce together.

A copy of the recording will also be stored in the local history archive. Once in the archive, the information can be used for lots of different things, whether researching local history or doing a project at school or college.

If you would like to take part in a Lost Voices recording, please email

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