Shae’s sea shanty | St Paul’s Primary School

😍 We’re all about this fantastic 🌊 sea shanty singing from Shae at St Paul’s Primary School.

Shae was learning about ⛵ pirates last week and kept on singing the Wellerman sea shanty, as made famous by Nathan Evans on TikTok.

Shae’s 👩‍🏫 teacher, Sophie Coyle, said Shae began 🎶 singing while he and the class were making pirate flags and ships using junk modelling,

She said; “The whole time Shae was happily singing this song and he created a really great atmosphere in the class. All of his classmates were amazed at his talent! I asked him if he felt confident to share this in front of the class and he was so excited! He sang beautifully and showed so much confidence, we are all extremely proud of him. I smile every time I watch this video!” ❤️

Thanks to Shae for his singing, Miss Coyle for sharing this lovely video with us, and Nathan Evans for making sea shanties popular again. 👏

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