Trigger by Sinead O’Donnell

Sinéad O’Donnell is one of Northern Ireland’s foremost performance artists. She has performed extensively, both nationally and internationally. She often uses her body to investigate both her own and cultural boundaries, particularly in relation to the restrictions placed on women. Despite deliberately avoiding the sensationalisation of the body, her works often promote strong reactions and emotions.

Trigger was created after an extensive period of practice-based research that took place between Belfast and Derry. Trigger was used as a title from experiencing the feeling of societal unrest and isolation in Northern Ireland as a result the pandemic, Brexit and the closer-to-home struggles that trigger inside our minds. O’Donnell states “The global unrest of women’s rights and the rise in domestic violence in the world during the pandemic triggered me. My own memory and personal history was triggered and that informed every aspect of the work, from the materials to the structure of the performance. Trigger was a physical manifestation of the empowerment of women pushing through the barriers of their past to face every day as a survivor ”