Vaccines Q&A session

Steve Maddern, our Director of Public Health hosts a vaccine Q&A session with Dr Charlotte Forsyth, Medical Director at Great Western Hospital and Penny Marno, Public Health Consultant at Swindon Borough Council.

The questions that were answered:

01:53 – Who is currently being offered a vaccination appointment in Swindon?

02:40- How effective are the vaccines?

04:45 How safe are the vaccines and are there any side effects?

07:15 Do the vaccines contain any animal products like Pork or eggs?

08:15- Does the COVID vaccine contain a tracking device?

11:14- I’m pregnant, is it still safe for me to have the vaccine? Does it affect fertility?

13:45 I’ve already had COVID, do I still need to have a COVID jab or am I now immune?

14:45- I’m worried the vaccine I receive won’t protect me from a future strain of the virus. Should I wait to receive a new vaccine later in the year?

17:50- I’ve already had my COVID vaccine, do I still need to wear a mask or maintain social distancing in public? Can I still get COVID?

19:55- Is the GWH or the CCG confident it can deliver all the vaccinations required to the residents in and around Swindon within the timescales set?

22:49- Do I need to have the second dose or can I just have the first one?

25:50- If I develop symptoms within 48hrs of having the vaccine, should I get a COVID test and should my household self-isolate?

27:00- Could the success of the vaccination programme in local areas affect local restrictions? For example when children return to school, how many people we can see, or when shops or restaurants are open?

32:30- When are you rolling out the second vaccine? I had my first vaccine but haven’t got a date for my second one.

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