Various locations – 13 September 2021| Wall of Shame

The Haringey Wall of Shame has been created so you can help us catch the crooks.

Fly tipping is rubbish dumped illegally onto the street, alleyways or on any private or public land. Fly-tipping is a crime that blights our streets in Haringey and across London. It is disgusting, selfish and costs taxpayers in Haringey more than £3million a year.

Our enforcement teams work non-stop to catch fly-tippers and we have tough measures to deal with those we catch. But we need your help to identify more of these criminals and tackle fly-tipping.

Do you know any of these people caught on camera? If you do, get in touch.

Let us know by emailing

You can also help us keep the streets clean by reporting someone for dumping rubbish: