West Sussex Recover & Rise S2W6: Digital 3 – Measuring Marketing ROI

This webinar ‘Measuring Marketing ROI’ is #6 of #8 in the WSCC SME Digital Accelerator Webinar Series. How to Measure your marketing impact.

In this session, we’ll be focusing on how to measure your marketing impact and learn how to tether your marketing to your bottom line. We will cover how to use Google Analytics to measure your website performance, map customer journies, learn customer behaviours and attributes and use that data to inform and execute your digital strategies. No more guesswork on your marketing efforts. Hosted by Creative Bloom’s Head of Agency and Chartered Accountant Stuart Davies, with over 25 years driving commercial growth.


Anyone working within small to medium-sized businesses in West Sussex who are looking to improve their marketing strategy and digital skills, to better compete in the digital environment. Whether new to digital marketing, looking to improve your knowledge or become better equipped when communicating with agencies, we’ll be able to help focus on the most important areas you need to keep an eye on for your business.

“Before this course with Creative Bloom, I was trying to drive my marketing submarine without a Sonar, now I can properly see!”

– James Wise, Earth Tourism Alliance


– Learn how to hold your digital marketing to account and tether it to your bottom line.

– How to use FREE tools to assess your digital performance.

– An understanding of how Google Analytics works, all the jargon and a live run-through of the interface.

– How to audit your website performance and understand customer journies.

– Best practice shared by over 25 years of commercial performance direction with Stu Davies, Head of Agency at Creative Bloom.


– How to measure Digital Marketing ROI

– How to tether digital performance to your bottom line

– Google Analytics overview

– Google Analytics live step-through for customer journey mapping

– Joining offline & online performance reporting

“Lightbulbs have been lit”

– Pete Burrlock, Lightbrothers