West Sussex Recover & Rise S3W1: How To Create & Automate Your Processes

How to Create & Automate Your Processes: Saving Time & Money is #1 of #7 in the WSCC SME Digital Accelerator Series – SYSTEMS & PRODUCTIVITY.

In this session we’ll be exploring the benefits of mapping and automating your day to day tasks to save you time, money and ensure you can grow your business in a scalable way without having to add more people to manage repetitive tasks. Ultimately giving you more time to work on your business and not in it. This great session will be led by our Expert Speakers – Graig Willis, Managing Director of Skore (process improvement software) & Kelly Goss, Founder of Solvaa (business process automation)


For anyone involved with a small to medium sized business in West Sussex who is looking to recover and rise after the challenges the pandemic has brought. If you are looking to learn more about adopting digital ways of working and want to gain practical and actionable insight to help take the first steps – this webinar is for you.


Understand how simple process maps help you grow your business with confidence
Learn the basics of creating quick and simple process maps
Understand what business process automation is and how it can help with productivity.
Learn about the benefits of automation (including real-life examples).
Q&A panel with our Expert Speakers